We are journalists, academics, techies, and business people who work together to amplify the impact of the global grass­roots human rights community.

Isabel Gahren – Co-Founder

Isabels areas of expertise are ICT4X, New Work, and Systems Thinking. She currently works at betterplace-lab, the Think-and-Do-Tank of, certified Warm Data Lab Host by the International Bateson Institute and a certified Facilitator of Transformation. She is co-founder of Future Challenges.

Eike Leonhardt – Co-Founder

Eike has a background in political science, business and digital technology and works at the intersection of the three for over 15 years. His experience includes gigs at consulting firms, digital agencies, academic institutions and freelance work, amongst others. Eike is Co-founder as well as board member of Future Challenges and works on the strategic alignement.

Linda Walter – Co-Founder and Managing Director

Linda has a background in philosophy, political science and human rights work and explores the intersection of human rights and digital transformation from an academic and civil society perspective for over ten years. Linda is co-founder, board member and managing director of Future Challenges.

Mario Wiedemann – Co-Founder

Mario is a political scientist who has been working on the intersection of the Internet and societal developments for the last fifteen years, focussing on open educational resources and on open data. He is working as a project manager for the Bertelsmann Stiftung. He started to grow Future Challenges’ worldwide blogger community ten years ago and is co-founder and board member of Future Challenges.

Dr. Ole Wintermann – Co-Founder

Ole is an economist and social scientist and has worked at the Bertelsmann Stiftung for many years. It was there that the idea for the blogger network of Future Challenes was born. Currently, he is concerned with the question of how digitalization can be used to achieve more sustainability in business. He is co-founder of Future Challenges.

Tobi Adeleke – Project Lead DHRLab

Oluwatobiloba, called Tobi, is a social scientist with nearly ten years of experience in civil society and academia. Her expertise lies in topics at the intersection of digital transformation and social inequalities. Oluwatobiloba graduated from the Global Studies Programme at the Humboldt University of Berlin where she is completing her PhD on the intersectionality of social inequalities. At Future Challenges she's been the project lead for the DHRLab.

Mariia Kovalenko - Project Manager MIA

Mariia has studied international economic relations and psychology. She combines her diverse professional expertise to promote mental health, conscious living and social well-being. IN Berlin she actively works with NGOs, focussing on supporting Ukraine during critical times, aiming to bring peace to her homeland and solace to her compatriots' hearts. At Future Challenges, Mariia is the project manager for the Makers Innovation Award.

Luca Taugner - Member

Luca studies political science and sociology at the Humboldt University Berlin. His main fields of interest are social theory and questions of international justice. Since 2018 he has been working for non-governmental organisations in the field of international cooperation. After working for the DHRLab Luca became member of Future Challenges.

Andreas Nüßlein - Tech Lead

Andreas is a computer scientist and systems administrator by day and an environmental activist by night. He is passionate about animal rights and the environment, about sustainability and self-sufficiency, about solar panels and self-driving cars, and about open source and clean performant code.
Rather looking into the future than looking back, he is cautiously optimistic about the technological and social advancements that are yet to happen.