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  • michelle

    New Media is Revolutionising Foreign Relations

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    The advent of the new media has altered virtually every facet of our society. And, foreign policy has not been left behind either. We have become used to receiving news and commentary from new sources –the virtual space in form of tweets, Facebook updates, blogs, etc.  – in addition to […]

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    Fighting for rights through the digital world: Méxicoleaks

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    From 1992 until 2015, at least 73 journalists have been killed in Mexico. Of these, 32 journalists have been confirmed as killed as a result of the stories they covered, however the reasons for the other murders are not yet known. What is even more striking is the fact that […]

  • Kamen Tabakov, CC BA SA 2.0 via Flickr

    Moldova: Perceptions between truth and propaganda

    The Republic of Moldova, strategically located in Eastern Europe between Romania and Ukraine, became well known on the European continent after setting a pro-European vector with relation to its foreign policy. As a result of the effective implementation of a series of reforms and continuous diplomatic efforts, in April 2014, Moldova became the first […]