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    Uganda’s State of Media Rising Eyebrows

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    In Uganda the freedom of the press is increasingly getting narrowed. The first week of May was a bad one for Uganda’s journalists as the government through the minister of information announced a ban on media coverage of opposition political activities. The Minister warned that any media house that would […]

  • Social media sites like Facebook are helping millions of people around the world to keep in touch.

    Social Media: how much have our lives changed?

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    My best definition of social media is people on the left, people on the right, and technology in the middle. It is the democratization of information and content, the convenience and equal opportunity to share and connect with others, and the fulfillment of “the world is a global village” prophecy. […]

  • A  Child with blindness Practicing Braille in Pre Braille Practicing room

    Enabling Children with Special Needs at CHEERS

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    The little boy who is suffering from both blindness and autism seemed upset and was crying in the arms of the caretaker. He had just been admitted to the Enabling Centre of  Children’s Hospital for Eye, ENT and Rehabilitation Services(CHEERS) in Bhaktapur, Nepal, that day for rehabilitation services which would […]