We amplify the impact of the grass­roots human rights community.

9 in 10 grassroots human rights orgs. are still working alone

We are on a mission to change that. Because as a human rights activist working alone means risking your life without backup and working thrice as hard for half the impact. Most importantly, it means all your insights are lost to the rest of the human rights community as soon as your project ends. It's time to embrace the tools, lessons, and mindsets of the digital age so that human rights organisations may systematically benefit from each other's existence, experience, and resources. That's why we connect them to knowledge, funding, and one another, slowly turning local impact into change at scale.

How it works

Local Level

Planting Seeds

Seeds are the basic cells of our Global Activist Network and form a natural point of contact for both local actors and international organisations. They transparently establish and coordinate common needs and goals, provide access to and preserve knowledge, and channel funding towards promising projects. In sum, they amplify the total impact of local grassroot initiatives and funding, while turning new insights into resources for the global human rights community.

Global Level

Connecting the dots

Building an ecosystem that systematically creates win/win situations for human rights actors on all levels heavily depends on the network effect. Hence, our goal is to plant and connect as many Seeds as possible.

Organizational Level

Getting everyone on board

You can help… by planting your own Seeds. Everything is open access. We share our approach and insights with organisations on all institutional levels by giving talks, offering consultations, and running workshops.

Level Up

Want to get involved?

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The future of human rights work is co-creative, sustainable and digital first .
Linda Walter — Managing Director


It's co-creative because effective solutions rarely stem from top-down design. Instead we run innovation meetings with local partners to maximise relevance, expertise and stakeholder buy-in.


It's sustainable because without sustainability there is no future. That's why we co-create our projects to take advantage of network effects and become self-sustaining and expanding.

Digital first

It's digital first because using digital technology and mindsets offers the highest outcome for activists, grassroots organisations, and donors, if employed safely.

Past & present supporters
Bertelsmann Stiftung
Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit
Kiel Institute for the World Economy
Global Economic Symposium
Rockefeller Foundation
Social Impact Lab
Global 21
Betterplace Lab
MIZ Babelsberg
Siemens Stiftung