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  • The order of Russian terrorists. They are going to use passenger belongings to support later terrorism activity.

    MH 17 belongings will be passed to Russian terrorist fund

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    As inspired and supported by Russia war in the eastern Ukraine is going on, the world sees more and more shameful evidences of local terrorists activity. This is order N242 from “minister of defence of Donetsk People Republic (DNR)” Russian colonel and FSB agent Ihor “Strelkov” Hirkin (more about the […]

  • Philipp Lahm lifts the 2014 FIFA World Cup (CC-BY-3.0-BR)

    World Cup 2014: The metaphysics of a non-event

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    On Monday morning, fútbol fans of the world changed gears and went back to their normal routines, elated Germans in cities around the world reveled in the glory of a fourth World Cup title, and in the streets of Brazil, cleaning crews began to sweep up the remains of this incredible show. […]