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  • Russian agressors and terrorists in Ukraine. Picture from

    Short list of Russian agressors

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    Important disclaimer by the author: “ wants to promote the understanding of people worldwide. We do not think in categories like “nations” because we think that this concept is the cause for conflicts in the globalized world. So when I as the author of this post write about “Russian terrorists” it does´t mean that […]

  • Residencial Francisco Hernando I

    Spain: the countdown to an inequality time bomb

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      1,500 lawsuits and 500 politicians under impeachment, but only 20 of them in prison: these are the 2014 corruption figures in Spain. Research carried out in 2013 by the Universidad de Las Palmas assessed the social damage of corruption in Spain at €40 billion. That is to say, this […]

  • Fields in Sindh, Pakistan -- Photo by DFID on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

    Cultivable Land Creating Opportunities for Pakistani Women

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      Sindh government initiated a first-of-its-kind pilot project in 2008 to distribute 91,000 hectares of cultivable state land to thousands of poor and landless peasants, with specific focus on women. The Province of Sindh has traditionally been a patriarchal society mainly sustained by agriculture. While women have always played a vital […]

  • The order of Russian terrorists. They are going to use passenger belongings to support later terrorism activity.

    MH 17 belongings will be passed to Russian terrorist fund

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    As inspired and supported by Russia war in the eastern Ukraine is going on, the world sees more and more shameful evidences of local terrorists activity. This is order N242 from “minister of defence of Donetsk People Republic (DNR)” Russian colonel and FSB agent Ihor “Strelkov” Hirkin (more about the […]