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  • Putting a Price on Nature
    Putting a Price on Nature

    Biological diversity and healthy eco-systems are what support our planet and our rapidly growing human population, the loss of which would be disastrous on so many levels. Could the financialisation of nature be a way out of this dilemma?

  • Wanted: Guts for the Ukraine Army

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    An oligarch opposed to Russia offers rewards for the capture of commandos occupying government buildings. He’s serious. But his countrymen are laughing until they cry. KIEV, Ukraine—Since the Ukrainian army is not proving very effective against pro-Russian commandos in the East of the country, a prominent oligarch has adopted a […]

  • Fuck Putin Free Ukraine - graffitti in Ukraine. Duncan C, Some Rights Reserved.

    Russia Tells ‘Tourists’ How to Go Fight in Ukraine

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      Moscow now offers a how-to guide for Russians who want to raise hell in Ukraine, and it’s working. Ukrainian businessman Volodymyr Ryabov has decided to improvise his own checkpoint between the Russian border and his home town of Luhansk in eastern Ukraine. He’s pulled concrete blocks from the foundation […]

  • Grand Study Hall, New York Public Library

    Studying Abroad in Times of the Globalized Labor Market

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    As the genesis of every nation’s economic and cultural development, education apropos higher education, is essential thus the investment as much as financial and social is ever-growing. Fundamentally, the rise and fall of a state’s policy regardless of the politics always goes back to the roots and is attributed to […]

  • Rwanda youth match the flame lit in remembrance of the 20 years since the genocide ended. Credit: Rwanda Information Bureau

    Rwanda: Never Again

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     I believe some of you have heard about the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. This April the people of Rwanda are marking 20 years since the genocide was stopped by a rag tag rebel group of the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), the group that is currently ruling Rwanda. The genocide claimed […]

  • Uterine Prolapse in Nepal affects both older and younger woman. Communities with less gender inequality have a direct relation with higher prevalence of uterine prolapse. Photo Published by Peter van der Sluijs on Wikimedia Commons, CC-BY-SA-3.0,2.5,2.0,1.0

    Necessary Responsibility: Understanding Uterine Prolapse in Nepal

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    Reports exposing the lack of human rights in Nepal are furiously common. The ubiquitous nature of deprivation of human dignity makes immune the anger, the indignation. Reports are made, read, talked about for a week and discarded. None but a select few keep the conversation alive; and those who pin […]

  • Ganges River, Photo by Rajarshi Chowdhury

    Do Religious Rituals Boost Economic Globalization?

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    Religion and its old age rituals have always been a source of fascination for people, if not a source of devout enlightenment. However in the 21st century religious events, pilgrimages, in particular, have surfaced as an inexhaustible treasure for the new age economic globalization. From the glimmering streets of the Vatican […]