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  • New Technologies – A Boon and a Curse for India

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    India’s technological advances are being exploited for unhealthy social practices Has technology led to sex selective abortion becoming more rampant in India? The past 20 years have seen a significant rise in economic development in India and the country is now among the top ten performers in terms of gross […]

  • m:Lab East Africa: Africa’s first mobile Lab

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    This video has been submitted by kachwanya. Kenya recently launched Africa’s first mobile apps lab known as  m-lab. The facility based in Nairobi Kenya will serve as incubation center for new business in the mobile space within East Africa countries. Among the initiatives which will be taken by the lab […]

  • Gay girl in Damascus: A taboo ignominy feeding to a white fantasy

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    Biographical blog describing life in Syria amid the current political instability, supposedly written by a struggling gay woman has been revealed to be a hoax. Amina Abdallah Arraf al-Omari a 25-year-old, half-Syrian, half American lesbian living in Damascus documented her life in a blog entitled “Gay Girl in Damascus”, dating back to […]

  • Students in Ghana holding up their e-readers


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    Lack of easy access to educational materials in many of Ghana’s rural communities is a huge challenge to smooth teaching and learning. Coupled with the unavailability of electricity in many places, school work can be as unmotivating for students as it is challenging for teachers. This is a problem that […]

  • Mobile Learning Infrastructure

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    [caption id="attachment_2358" align="alignnone" width="2000" caption="<p>With friendly permission of © ICWE GmbH, Photograph by Georgina Smith, Inzy Studios, Lusaka, Zambia</p> "] 

    Mobile Learning Infrastructure[/caption]

    Mobile Learning Infrastructure

    <p>With friendly permission of © ICWE GmbH, Photograph by Georgina Smith, Inzy Studios, Lusaka, Zambia</p>