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  • Islamist-phobia in the Middle-East

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    No, you did not misread the headline. Stereotyping and prejudice against the politically ambitious Islamists within Arab countries creates friction among societies looking to move ahead. Representation is reality. People live a world of their own construct; their environment is mediated by images and representations of ‘the other’ that dictate […]

  • Democracy on Life Support (unabridged)

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    Democracy in Hungary: Why Outsiders Should Care Alexey Sidorenko, a Future Challenges blogger based, has been observing the rollback in democracy in Hungary under Fidesz. Looking from the outside in, he sees it as one example of a broader rollback in democracy in Eastern Europe. Follow Alexey @sidorenko_intl. This article […]

  • Media and corruption in Croatia: Beyond the numbers

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    Croatia may be on its way to join the European Union, but the country has made little progress in securing the media’s independence from political power or in the fight against endemic corruption. Still, youth activism and independent, online participatory media offer some reasons for optimism. It is always difficult […]

  • What did we learn from the Ehec outbreak?

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    During the Ehec outbreak in Germany last year, the government was unable to locate the origin of the bacteria for more than two weeks. The British Council‘s panel discussion on tomorrow’s security challenges, last Thursday in Berlin, was the occasion to ask high profile security experts their opinion on the […]