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French-Spanish journalist based in Berlin working on Germany, Eastern Europe and the EU. I don't like peanut butter.
  • How to improve our reaction to future global threats?

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    New technology can improve our living standards but, if misused, it can also become a threat. In a continuously globalizing world, there is a growing concern around being able to react to natural and technological threats. Last Thursday the representation of the British Council in Berlin staged a panel discussion bringing […]

  • Is there a “Home” to return to?

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    Migrants who come back home can return with valuable new skills and contacts that can positively affect their home countries’ job market. But matters of identity, questions of belonging and shame at returning empty-handed can overwhelm purely economic concerns. This year’s Berlin Film Festival showed two films dealing with characters […]

  • Crowdfunding the Syrian revolution

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    Ten months after the beginning of the Syrian uprising, the world continues to see protestors being killed by their own government. To go beyond the ineffectual international response, a German-based initiative wants to financially help local activists against the Assad regime by crowdfunding them. FutureChallenges talked with Elias Perabo, a […]

  • Occupy Berlin: Serving the clientele

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    Berliners are also taking part in the global Occupy Wall Street movement. But the Berlin Revolution will have to wait a little… The relatively good economic situation means the masses of the Precariat are not yet on the streets and so far most involved appear to be professional activists. Berlin, […]

  • Europe’s double standard

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    The European reaction to 9/11 was very strong, much more so than to other catastrophes and massacres. Why ? As an idealistic 16 year old high school student at that time, the answer I found disillusioned me. Class had just started after the summer holidays at my high school in […]