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Rani Nguyen Rani

Rani Nguyen, 27, is passionate about human rights work. He currently is involved in Europe’s largest career fair for LGBTs and people wanting to get inspired and connect with progressive organizations — STICKS & STONES. There he is mainly responsible for the organization and development of 24/7UNICORN, Europe’s leading LGBT Diversity Congress bringing HR and diversity managers from major national and international organizations together. Prior to joining STICKS & STONES, Rani worked as an assistant and speech writer to Thomas Sattelberger (former board member at Deutsche Telekom, Continental, Lufthansa), where his area of focus were topics such as demographic challenges, women in top positions, inclusion of minorities and migrants etc. He also has been published in some of Germany’s most important media (Süddeutsche Zeitung, Deutsche Welle, taz). Rani holds a B.A. in French Philology with minors in Spanish and Dutch from Freie Universität Berlin.
  • The Economics of GMO food

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    The European Union already has some trade agreements and is currently having talks about others with some of the key regional and global economies. The US is the EU’s largest trading partner accounting for 14.3 percent of EU trade. So it seems only logical to establish a free trade agreement […]