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Our news section is for important commentary and news that doesn’t fit under one of our Global Issues. Sometimes we use this space to comment on major current events, and sometimes we use it to cover conferences or share interviews we’ve snapped up. We also share news from our project team here.


  • THRIVE – Magazine of the Global Economic Symposium

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    FC_org is partner of the Global Economic Symposium (GES) in Kiel. One reason for this partnership is to open up the GES community towards a broader and wider audience on the Internet. “THRIVE” is part of this endeavour. In various articles and topics we linked the scientific experts with online […]

  • Looking ahead…

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    The Future Challenges team is actively preparing for several upcoming events, as well as fleshing out further material for the content package with our blogger network and with our organizational content partners. We’re looking forward to upcoming lead articles with contributions in particular from Arrianna Coleman and Lourdes Gomez, among […]