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Our news section is for important commentary and news that doesn’t fit under one of our Global Issues. Sometimes we use this space to comment on major current events, and sometimes we use it to cover conferences or share interviews we’ve snapped up. We also share news from our project team here.


  • #OWS – The First Step Towards Real Open Government?

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    After reading this weekend’s blog posts in the mainstream media in Germany, I am a bit surprised at the traditional view of the “occupy” demonstrations of this past weekend. For instance, the headline published by the most relevant German media site – SPON – was “99% stayed at home.” The […]

  • Video GES2011: How Great Ideas Are Born

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    The Global Economic Symposium (GES) is a solution forum which identifies global challenges, examines their policy and business implications, and formulates concrete proposals for action with a view to creating a better world for the next generation. The GES takes place in alteration between Kiel, Germany, and a major international […]

  • #fc_org interview with Birgitta Jonsdottir

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    Update 2nd of October (Google news about Open Gov Camp last Friday): #fc_org RT @anked:68 articles about #opengov camp in Berlin :-) most about inspiring speech of @birgittaj #ogc11 @gov20 Since three year we are supporting the Open Gov Camp in Berlin. Open Government is from our point of view one […]

  • “Stop Undermining Ideas”!

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    For two days Cologne was the epicenter of the international web startup scene, hosting more than 400 participants from many countries at the ADVANCE conference (19-20 September). For FutureChallenges, the most interesting part was not the business models presented by the start-ups. The most interesting and exciting part for the scope of […]