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Our news section is for important commentary and news that doesn’t fit under one of our Global Issues. Sometimes we use this space to comment on major current events, and sometimes we use it to cover conferences or share interviews we’ve snapped up. We also share news from our project team here.


  • Websites to Watch for Future Challenges

    Written by is already covering a bunch of very important topics, and there are many more to come. But we also know that there are lots of other interesting and credible sources that deal with future challenges, be it in a narrow or in a broader sense. Here is a small […]

  • Barcamp: How the Internet Changes our Reality

    Written by

    What’s the hashtag for this revolution? From #solidarity to #occupy, we’re seeing the power of Internet-enabled political action all around us. Individuals can organize quickly, they can unify around ideas, they can find and spread information (and misinformation) with lightning speed. It’s obvious that virtual platforms can have real-world impact, […]

  • Discussion on Inequality and Social Media in China

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    This blogpost is written by Ting Xu, Senior Project Manager at the Bertelsmann Foundation North America. Recently I joined a discussion on the Al Jazeera English network’s live broadcast of The Stream. The show, which taps the capabilities of social media to present global perspectives from under-represented individuals and groups, […]

  • In Search of Open Data for fc_org

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    The Venue. Source: OKFN, CC-BY-2.0 When arriving at the venue for the Open Government Data Camp 2011 in Warsaw early in the morning, I wondered about the huge collection of old factories that are now used as an office center for smaller startups. The Camp itself was held in an […]

  • Open Gov in My Country – Germany and Pakistan

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    For some time now has been supporting open government initiatives. In our opinion new methods of open internet-based governance are needed if we are to meet the global challenges that lie ahead. The revolutions taking place in parts of the Arab world are only the latest compelling example of […]