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FutureChallenges en Español

This page features a compilation of our Spanish-language content from Latin America.

  • Entre nacionalizar y privatizar: buscando un equilibrio en Bolivia

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    Abstract During the 90’s, Bolivia’s economic policies were driven by the principles of the Washington Consensus which had privatization of state-owned companies as one of its core principles. Multiple companies were nationalized and they produced very poor results as the private owners not only failed to deliver their promises but […]

  • Mujer, joven, trabajadora y pobre

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      Abstract: For women in El Salvador, living in the city and having a steady job are not a guarantee for overcoming poverty. Thousands of female workers in sectors such as domestic service, and the textile and clothing industry, work for low wages with which they must keep their families. And they are […]

  • El agronegocio soyero: ¿a quién alimenta?

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    Abstract: The Bolivian government is planning to expand the agricultural border from 3 million hectares to 13 million in twelve years. This raises two big questions: Where will these extra ten hectares be located? And what will be grown in them? If it is soy, as in the 37% of […]